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                      The Report button is a system that allows members of VaughnSoft to report
                      violations of our TOS, Broadcasting Guidelines, or Chat Rules. Using Report
                      is easy:

                      •Click on the username
                      •Click on Report
                      •Read the directions on the window that appears select the type of offense
                      •Insert a description of the problem and don’t forget you Must also include
                      •screenshots, video, or audio proof to back up your statement.

                      To Report the channel itself, click on the white flag located under the video.
                      You must be signed in to use Report Flag.

                      You have used the Report button so what happens next? You will receive an
                      email notification that lets you know we have gotten the report and will take
                      it from there. Please remember, as stated in the email, there will not be
                      further communication concerning the outcome.

                      Remember that No Proof (no screenshot, video, or audio) means the Reports
                      gets thrown out! We cannot handle an incident with no proof, therefore the
                      report is deemed invalid and discarded.

                      Q: Who has access to the Reports?
                      A: The owner of the site and the community manager, Mark, MissScruffy
                      & MisterScruffy.

                      Q: I did not receive an email notification of my report. Why?
                      A: Be sure to check your Spam or Trash folder.

                      Q: I sent a report about a member of this site and their behavior on a
                      different site or service. Why is that person still on Vaughn Live?

                      A: You must keep in mind that VaughnSoft can only address
                      violations that happen on their websites. If you have proof that this person
                      broke our site rules, submit a report with said proof and we will handle the
                      complaint accordingly.

                      Otherwise, if the incident happened on another site, then I am advising you
                      to file the complaint with them. We DO NOT and CANNOT punish a member
                      of our community for something that may or may not have happened on a
                      different website or service as we have no valid way of verifying those
                      incidents occurred.

                      Q: I do not like <insert name>. Why have you not banned them?
                      A: We do not ban users based on if you like them or not. That is a personal
                      issue that the parties involved need to handle.

                      Q: Can I copy/paste the chat log into the Report?
                      A: Sorry, no. You must provide valid proof such as screenshots, video/audio.
                      Keep in mind, the proof must be submitted in a format that allows us to
                      view WITHOUT DOWNLOADING.

                      Q: I sent a report that has no proof. I just copy/pasted the chat log.
                      What happens next?

                      A: No proof, no Report. Reports filed without the proof required will be tossed
                      in the garbage.

                      Q: I do not want to sign in to use Report button or Flag.
                      A: You can sign into your own channel and Report the Vaughn Bot.
                      Be sure to include:
                      Type of Content
                      Type of Violation
                      Proof as listed above

                      Q: What are examples of VaughnSoft TOS, Broadcasting Guidelines, or
                      Chat Rules that will be accepted through the Report button?

                      A: Porn, sexually explicit content, offensive username, death threats, site ban evasion, hate speech, impersonation the VaughnSoft Volunteer Team,
                      impersonation of other broadcasters/chatters, underage broadcaster,
                      inappropriate profile image just to name a few.

                      Q: What are things that are not accepted through the Report button?
                      A: Chat spam, guest chat violators, channel owner/mods handling of their chat
                      just to name a few.

                      Q: Spamming the Report button.
                      A: Just don’t!

                      Q: Using the Report button to report someone because you do not like

                      A: Your report will be discarded and subject to blocking future reports due to
                      abuse of the report system.

                      Q: I sent a report, but no action has been taken. Why?
                      A: Just because you sent a report with what you consider proof does not mean
                      there is a site violation. Please remember, it must be a VaughnSoft TOS, Broadcasting Guidelines, or Chat Rules.
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